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Bruce Silverstein Gallery is pleased to announce this year’s curatorial nominees and their corresponding selection of photographers for the Silverstein Photography Annual (SPA), Bruce Silverstein’s third annual invitational exhibition.

As part of the gallery’s ongoing effort to provide exposure to emerging artists whose work incorporates the medium of photography, Bruce Silverstein with the guidance of curatorial advisor Nathan Lyons, annually invites ten prominent curators to nominate one artist whom they feel deserves the opportunity for further exposure within New York’s cultural milieu. This year, particular emphasis has been placed upon the inclusion of curators from New York City institutions. We are pleased to announce this year’s curators and their selected artists:

Patrick Amsellem, Brooklyn Museum - Rob Carter

Deborah Willis, NYU – Tisch School of the Arts - Radcliffe Roye

David Harper, Brooklyn Academy of Music - Aude Pariset

Sean Corcoran, Museum of the City of New York - Dana Miller

Beatrix Reinhardt, College of Staten Island, CUNY - Charlotte Haslund-Christensen

Mason Klein, The Jewish Museum - Ben Gest

Edwin Ramoran, Alijira, a Center for Contemporary Art - Nodeth Vang

Matthew Higgs, White Columns - Glenn Rudolph

Carrie Springer, Independent Curator - Bahar Behbahani

Mara Hoberman, Hunter College Art Galleries - Juliane Eirich

Alongside the artists’ works, SPA will display statements from each of the curators that describe and contextualize his/her chosen artist’s work within the arena of contemporary photography. In continuation of the gallery’s commitment to the sustained appreciation and furthering of the medium of photography, the Silverstein Photography Annual provides a platform for new voices in photography as well for the efforts and foresight of respected curators from around the world.

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