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ALFRED LESLIE at Frieze New York
Randall's Island - Stand D27
May 5-7, 2017

Any attempt to define painter, draftsman, sculptor, print maker, photographer, filmmaker, composer, writer, set designer, animator Alfred Leslie is doomed to failure because like his work, he is larger than life. Leslie fits no category, which may be intentional or simply the result of a personality driven by sheer energy and rebelliousness to push the limits of any art form.
                                                                       -Barbara Rose, Alfred Leslie: Larger than Life, 2017

Bruce Silverstein Gallery is pleased to be dedicating its first presentation at Frieze New York highlighting Alfred Leslie’s figurative works from 1960s through the 21st century. Standing as its centerpiece, Americans, Youngstown, Ohio, 1977-1978, is a monumental three-panel canvas, and a true masterwork of American art history. On long-term loan to the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio for forty years, this will be the first time the work has been on public view outside of Youngstown.

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