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Bruce Silverstein Gallery is pleased to announce DISCOVERIES, an exhibition featuring an eclectic selection of rare and noteworthy works by lesser-known artists from the 20th century.

Included in his exhibition are rare early photo-collages by Robert Mapplethorpe and Man Ray, enlarged exhibition prints by Werner Bischof and Dan Weiner from the “Concerned Photographer” exhibitions of 1969, that formed the basis of the International Center of Photography, extraordinarily early and important prints by father and son photographers Edward and Brett Weston, an 1898 self portrait by a then 19 year old Edward Steichen, ushering in the dawn of modernism, a rare variant of Dorothea Lange’s, Migrant Cotton Picker, 1940,  a vintage Diane Arbus print, Teenager with a baseball bat, NYC, 1962,  three unique long exposure images of divers by Aaron Siskind,  as well as a group of 9 winged moth studies, c.1940 by the relatively unknown scientist/photographer J Carrol Tobias.

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