Magnetic Eels

Brea Souders, 2018

Publisher: Silent Face Projects.

ISBN: 9781732687035

Dimensions: 9 x 7 1/4 in

Pages: 68
Brea Souders, Magnetic Eels, features photographs of glass fragments that she has traced from images by people in her social media network. The book depicts a fragmented and compellingly kaleidoscopic world, one that explores themes of mass surveillance, unseen algorithms, and visual disorientation. The result is a series that uncovers and spotlights modern iterations of the essential human desire for connection. Layering the various shards of glass into sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex collages of line, color, and glass, Souders photographs the arrangements to create odd hybrids of photography, drawing, and sculpture. Though it is based solely on existing photographs, the book presents an alternate world from that of its source, and in its form pushes us toward conclusions to questions yet to be posed. - Silent Face Projects