Antanas Sutkus was born in Kluoniškiai, Lithuania, in 1939; he discovered his passion for photography during his teenage years around the age of fifteen. Throughout his prolific career, Sutkus dedicated his lens to capturing the essence of the Lithuanian people and their resilient spirit. His body of work serves as a profound homage to the cultural heritage of Lithuania, a meticulous effort to preserve its traditions evident in every frame. Operating within the challenging landscape of the Soviet Union, Sutku’s photographs offer a stark portrayal of the realities of communist society. Despite the harsh conditions depicted, his lens unveils the unwavering strength and community bonds that define the subjects. Sutkus’s empathic perspective transcends the surface, solidifying his status as one of his generation’s preeminent humanist photographers, leaving an indelible mark on the visual narrative of his homeland’s history.


Sutkus became serious about photography when he attended the University of Vilnius State in 1959. Here, he mainly focused on photojournalism; after graduating, he co-founded the Lithuanian Photographers' Association, where he served as the president for many years. He has received numerous awards, including the Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Award and the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gedimas, an Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant, and the 2017 Erich Salomon Award. In 2011, his work was held in an exhibition called Un Regard Libre at Le château d'eau. In 2016, a retrospective show titled A Nostalgia for Bare Feet was held at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow. His work is held at many museums worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Vilnius, Paris, Zurich, and London. Sutkus has several publications: Planet Lithuania (2018), Pro Memoria (2020), Children (2021), and Street Life (2022).
Selected Works

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